Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Question: Who is for spending our hard earned income tax monies for an American University in Iraq?

Position: Director of Finance
Institution: American University of Iraq
Date posted: 4/8/2008

Position: Director of Finance
Institution: American University of Iraq - Sulaimani
Location: Iraq

Exciting Career Opportunity
Would you like to pay a major role in establishing a new university? If so, The American University of Iraq encourages you to apply.

The University is located in the northern part of the country in the area commonly known as Kurdistan. This region has not been affected by military operations and offers a safe and secure environment. A comfortable, modern academic building houses classrooms and offices while our new campus is under construction. The first building, a $24M academic center, is expected to open in December 2008.
Director of Finance
AUI-S seeks a dynamic and adventurous person to fill the important role of Director of Finance. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to build a finance/accounting department from the ground up. Under the direction of the Rektor, the Director will be responsible for treasury management, cash receipts and reporting, establishing accounting services, and managing general accounting and financial systems, vendor and student payables, and payroll. Providing leadership in determining broad policies of institutional functions relating to business and financial matters is also a responsibility of the position.

Minimum Qualifications:
*A baccalaureate degree in accounting/finance from an accredited institution - Master's or MBA and/or CPA certification preferred
*At least 7 years experience in financial accounting, with 5 years in a leadership role in a university setting
*Experience formulating policies related to the business functions of a university
*In-depth knowledge of financial planning, general accounting and budget management
*Experience with integrated higher education software
*Excellent interpersonal, communication, team building, problem solving, motivational and analytical skills
*Proven ability in strategic planning and project and budget management
*Scholarly command of the English language
Direction to Apply:
Electronic submission of applications as MS Word documents is encouraged and should be sent to the HR Director at . Applicants for the position should send a letter of application that includes a statement of interest and curriculum vitae that addresses the description of the role, responsibilities, qualifications, and names and contact information for at least three references. Until the applicant's permission is obtained, applications will be treated confidentially.

Contact Information:

E-mail :
Web Site :
Mr. Mahmoud Muati
Director of HR
Human Resources
The American University of Iraq - Sulaimani

Categories: Executive directors, Financial affairs
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